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Iowa Barn Savers is dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and rebuilding of American Heritage barns. The traditional timber frame construction with lofted ceilings, large beam spans, and vintage character create wonderful, and ecologically sustainable structures for a new home, a wedding or event center, family farm, or market.

European settlers brought with them the centuries old building technique of timber frame, post and beam construction. Using hand-hewn timbers and intricate joinery, these elegant and resilient structures were built to withstand the test of time, and be passed on to future generations.

"Each barn is a unique American treasure with a story to tell."

Barns brought communities together through the joint effort of designing, building, and raising a homestead barn. 

Located in Northeast Iowa - the heart of United States farming, many antique barns sit idle. Often, the land owner has several farms and that particular barn is located on a distant property or is too small to use. We locate, inspect and dismantle these rural landmarks and work with you to transport them to their new homes. These time-tested, hand-crafted structures can then be the heart and soul of your new home or business. 

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"The traditional barns that dot our landscape are an iconic part of our American culture. They connect us to the land, to community, our agricultural traditions, and to generations past and present."

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