The Iowa Barn Savers are uniquely skilled and experienced in restoring barns on site, and relocating barns for a new purpose.  

Prices vary and are dependent on the size, location and condition of the barn as well as the process to take down the barn, transport it, reconstruct and restore it on your property.

Gary's Postville Barn

Gary's Postville Barn is a 40 ft x 80 ft rough-sawn barn frame in PERFECT condition.  It has 8 x 10 pine beams and round pole raters.  It’s very unique.  It also has 19 ft sidewalls and wood to accommodate a complete second floor.  It has 6 bays and never had a leak in the roof.  Barns this complete and this solid are hard to find.  Can Dan at 563-880-4627 for more about this perfect-condition barn.

Note: these pics were taken at two different times - the quality of the first batch was lacking - there may be some duplication

Garber Barn 2

The Garber Barn2 is a 40 ft x 55 ft pine and oak mix, hand-hewn barn frame. It has six (6) 12ft 6 in bays. The wall height is 16 ft 7 in and it is 13 ft 6 in from the bottom of the tie beat to the floor and 30 ft from the floor to the peak. It has round pole side braces and 8x8 timbers. It's in very good condition. Give either Jonathon or Dan a call anytime: Jonathon 918-360-6315 Dan 563-880-4627

Bankston Barn

Thisi barn can be sold as 2 separate bars - as a 30ft x 30ft 2-bay barn or - as a single 30ft x 45ft 3-bay barn.  It has 10x10 hand-hewn oak timbers, 15ft sidewalls and 15 ft bays.  The end wall had blown out but the rest of the barn is very solid.  Its still standing but is scheduled to come down soon.  


Give Dan a call anytime at 563-880-4627

The New Wisconsin Barn


The New Wisconsin Barn is a very, very clean 26 ft x 70 ft, 100 year old dismantled barn. It has 5 bays 12-14ft, 8 x 8 timbers, 2 x 6 rafters and a place built-in for a loft.  Floor to peak is 23 ft, wall height is 14 ft 4 in and from the bottom of the tie-beam to the floor is 12 ft 3 in.   It doesn’t look like it will need any repair, it’s in EXCELLENT condition. 

The Circus Barn

Yes, this barn was once used by the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus.  It’s definitely a one-of-a-kind barn.  It is a 40 x 80 rough-sawn pine barn with 10 x 10 timbers and 6 x 10 X-braces.  It has 17 ft sidewalls and 5 bays.  From floor to peak is 31 ft and looks like a cathedral.  Call Iowa barn Savers at 563-880-4627 and talk to Dan.

The Dave's Manitowoc Barn


Manitowoc Barn is a 36ft x 75ft hand-hewn Tamarack pine barn frame with 4 bays (2-16ft and 2-14ft), 8x8 beams, sidewalls are 14 ft, its 28ft from the floor to the peak and it has round pole rafters. This barn also has a built-in ladder. 

It includes frame and rafters.  It is in great condition and is still standing - but soon will be taken down.  Give Dan a call at 563-880-4627 for additional details and pricing.

Curtis' Barn

Curtis Barn is a 40ft x 60ft rough-sawn barn frame is excellent condition.  It has 4 14ft bays, 10ft tall sidewalls, 8x8 beams, 2.6 rafters and is in perfection condition.  There’s no evidence of repair work on it.  Call Dan at 563-880-4627 for questions and prices

Waukon Log Cabin

This is a very nice dovetail log cabin.  A house had been built around it.  Inside measurement of 15 x 17 with a 2nd floor loft. It's completely dismantled.  It is all tagged and blueprinted and ready to reassemble.  Price includes some replacement boards as well as a set of blueprints.  Call Dan anytime at 563-880-4627

Joe’s Barn3

Joe’s Barn3 is a 40ft x 60ft oak timber frame with 8x8 timers and 3 rows of wind braces in the outside walls – a ONE OF A KIND barn.  Two rows of horizontal beams down the main aisle, 4 bays at 14 ft each and 18 ft sidewalks.  Floor to peak is 36 ft.  You could get 3 floors out of this building.  This one-of-a-kind barn has a lot of architectural features in it.  Call Dan at at 563-880-4627

Joe’s Barn

Joe’s Barn is a 30 x 55 rough-sawn pine frame that is still standing.  This barn can also be sold as a 3-bay 30 x 40 frame.  It’s in EXCELLENT CONDITION; it doesn’t look like it has had any repair work done to it.  The 30 x 55 has 8x8 timbers and 4-bays.  From floor to peak is 23ft with 2x6 rafters.  Call Dan for more details.  This would make a great cabin or house conversion. 

Longest Barn

Take a look at this 130 foot barn!  Dan was blind-folded when the owner showed it to him and negotiations are still pending.  Call Dan at 563-880-4627 for questions

Osterdock Barn

The Osterdock Barn is a 36x60 rough sawn, pine barn frame.  It has 8x8 and 6x8 timbers and 2x6 rafters.  The sidewalls are 15 ft and the floor to peak is 29 ft.  From the floor to the bottom of the tie-beam is 13 ft 8 in.  This barn has 5 bays: 8 ft 8in, 13 ft 8 in, 11 ft 4 in and 11 ft 4 in.  It’s in EXCELLENT condition.   The price includes the frame, rafters and a set of blueprints.  Call Iowa barn Savers at 563-880-4627 and talk to Dan.

Re-Claimed barn board lumber


Boards available for plank flooring, hardwood steps, open beam architecture, accent construction. Variety of woods including oak, pine, mixed; most hand-hewn and rough sawn.  Priced by square footage.

Iowa Log Barns

Iowa Log Barns.  What a gem of a find!  We have TWO 30 ft x 18 ft log barns.  They were covered by an additional roof for a good share of their lives so they are in great shape.  They’d make great starter frames for a couple of log cabins or a rustic commercial building.  Give Dan a call at 563-880-4627 to talk about them.


Wayne's Barn

Wayne's Barn is a 36x42 hand-hewn oak barn frame.  It has 3 bays – 13, 13, and 13 and 8x8 timbers.  The rafters are 2x4 oak and floor-to-peak is 26 ft.  The wall height is 15 ft.  Architectural features include: double wind braces in the wall, a built-in ladder and the 2x4s in the wall are notched into the beams by hand – the only barn in 22 years that I’ve seen like this.  Wayne’s barn is truly one-of-a-kind.   Call Dan at 563-880-4627 for questions and prices


Travis’ Barn

Travis’ Barn is a 36 x 70 rough-sawn pine barn frame in EXCELLENT condition and it’s still standing.  It has 8 x8 timbers, 12 ft wall height and 5 bays, 4 bays of 13 ft 4 in and 1 12 ft.  Floor to ceiling is 24 ft and has ONE PIECE 2 x 6 rafters.  From the bottom of the tie-beam to the floor is 9 ft 2 in.  The barn was very well taken care of and from what we can see no replacement beams are needed.  It’s a nice, clean barn.  Call Iowa barn Savers at 563-880-4627 and talk to Dan.


Central IA Barn

The Central IA Barn is a 40ft x 70ft rough sawn pine barn frame in excellent condition. It has 38-foot long  8x8 tie-beams, 18 ft 6 in sidewalls, 2x6x24 ft long rafters. There are 5 bays measuring 14 ft, 13 ft 4 in, 15 ft, 14 ft and 13 ft 9 in. From the bottom of the tie-beams to the floor is 16ft and the floor to peak is 34 ft. The barn needs NO REPAIR or REPLACEMENT; this is one of the best barns I have taken down. Call Iowa Barn Savers at 563-880-4627 and talk to Dan.


The Lost Nation Barn

This is by far one of the better barns I’ve come across... The Lost Nation Barn is a 40 x 60 rough-sawn, pine barn frame with 4 bays:  13 ft 7 in, 15 ft, 15 ft and 13 ft.  


It also has

  • double windbraces,

  • 18 ft wall height,

  • floor to peak is 30 ft,

  • rafters are one-piece 30 ft 2x6,

  • tiebeams one piece 38 ft  8x8 and

  • timbers are 8x8

It has had a tin roof on all of it's life and I can’t see where it’s ever had a leak.  It is in excellent condition!  Call Dan at at 563-880-4627


Sam's Barn

This is a really nice, large barn - 40x110!  It'd make a great wedding or party barn. I'll have more details soon - if you're interested, give Dan a call at at 563-880-4627


SOLD - Waukon Barn - SOLD

The Waukon Barn is a 30x45 oak, hand-hewn barn frame with rare 2-built-in ladders.  It has 10x10 and 8x8 timbers, 2x6 rafters, 3 bays, 14 ft sidewalls and is 30 ft from floor to peak. It’s in EXCELLENT condition.   Call Iowa barn Savers at 563-880-4627 and talk to Dan.

Dave's Log Cabin

Dave's log cabin is a very nice 18 x 24 cabin with a 2nd floor loft upstairs. Wall are 11 ft with  logs 6 in thick. Includes loft floor joists  and pole rafters.  Cabin is still standing.  Call Dan for details at 563-880-4627.

Dan Schmitt, Owner: Telephone: 563-252-3541; 

Cell phone: 563-880-4627


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